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Let’s Make Your Philippine Trip An Amazing One


Aren't you bored of going to the same destinations in Southeast Asia over and over again? Well, the Philippines has 7,107 islands waiting to be explored by wanderlusts like you. Each island offers a unique experience for a fraction of a cost. We won't blame you if you make it your new favorite destination.


We are all locals who have devoted our time and effort in traveling around the country ourselves and gathering everything there is to share about our beautiful country. We are dead serious about getting the word out and encourage foreign travelers to take a plunge and discover what the Philippines has in store for you.


We guide and help travelers who are interested in exploring the Philippines make the best out of their vacation. We want you to go beyond the usual toursit spots. We aim for you to have an extraordinary experience to bring back home and share amazing stories with your friends and families.


We pride ourselves to be the top travel specialist to the Philippines. We have carefully organized our guides,deals and tips for you to have a great trip. Our service doesn't end there, we are here to help plan your dream vacation with you. All our resources are at your disposal. All you have to do is send us a quick email and we'll get started right away.



Share with us the destination you have in mind, how many are going, prefered dates, and the tiniest details you would like included in your trip.

We then check our growing list of deals and provide you with the best matches for your dream trip. If there is none, we will inform you right away and get back to you with a personalized itinerary especially designed just for you.

The travel specialist who is assigned to you will be in close contact all through out to assist you every step of the way before you make any confirmation and booking.

Once everything is perfect, all you have to do is add it to your cart and check out. We will then send you a confirmation and a copy of your detailed itinerary. Voila! Done!



So what's your fancy? Imagine yourself jetting off in a private plane or yacht to the secluded island of your choice. Greeted by your personal butler and taken to your 5 star room overlooking the amazing landscape unfolding right before you. Whatever fantasy vacation you have been dreaming about, there is always a tour in style for you to choose from.


Is time on your side? Choose from our carefully designed complex tours that allow you to immerse yourself and explore a specific region of the Philippines. Enjoy what each island has to offer and jump off from one destination to the next without worrying a thing. If you have less dough but more time in your hands, we suggest you take one of our Signatours.


You Only Live Once. We are pretty sure you've heard of this saying. Experience all the adrenaline pumping activities we have organized for you. Challenge yourself and climb that mountain peak. Explore a new world down under and swim with the turtles. Conquer those big waves and don't be shy to show off your surf moves. Rappel and jump off cliffs and waterfalls.Take a plunge on those turqoise waters and get carried away by the river currents. All these adventure tours are just a click away.


Searching for a place to cool down from a busy week? Looking for a nearby place to get together with your group? Or planning to spend some quality time with your loved one out of the metro? Check out our growing list of weekend getaways. For sure, there is some place out there that could take off your mind from the hustle and bustle of the city.



Check out our GUIDES section for a comprehensive listing of articles about each destination in the Philippines. Read through and discover what activities you must go for in each destination. What to eat and dining places that will surely excite your palettes. Get a good grip of where is the best place to stay in the area and which mode of transport is available for you to hop on.


Don't miss out the tips and stories of those who have been there and done that. Get honest opinions and well written articles that will surely guide you in making the best decision for your travel around the islands.


We have organized useful links that you might need in planning your travel to the island and most importantly valuable information and contacts you have to be aware of while enjoying your vacation in the country.


Here is where you can find our growing community of travelers who are open to sharing their own experiences and helping one another get the most out of their trips around the islands. Get some good advice and fire as many questions as you want for the benefit of everyone.