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Philippine Island Tours

Your Top Travel Specialist to the Philippines.


PHILIPPINE ISLAND TOURS is the brainchild of a Filipino traveler who has been going around the world seeking out growth by learning and experiencing different things outside of his comfort zone.


On his journey bouncing around several countries, every single time he told his acquaintances that he was originally from the Philippines, they would always be the one to tell him that they have heard so many nice things about it, in fact it is one of the places on their bucket list.


Howeve, a common problem is that they don't know much about the Philippines other than the capital city, Manila. They have heard it from either a layover or a business trip that they've encountered sometime in the past.


They are having a tough time researching for more details because information about the Philippines is poorly organized. It seemed harder to plan out a trip to the Philippines than any other country they've been to. That is why they are forced to push it back on their list.


And so the idea of Philippine Island Tours was born. He is hoping that through this site he can provide the solution to interested travelers and convince them that it's no longer a hassle to travel to the Philippines.


We are all locals who have devoted our time and effort in traveling around the country ourselves and gathering everything there is to share about our beautiful country. We are dead serious about getting the word out and encourage foreign travelers to take a plunge and discover what the Philippines has in store for you.  

We don’t just offer travel deals…what we want to share with you is a unique experience that will surely leave a mark in your heart as a traveler. All travel deals offered through the site are carefully arranged and personally planned by us from a traveler’s perspective, comfort and budget in mind all the time. Such amazing deals can only be offered because we know the scene and we make sure that what you pay for is not just to see the popular places but also the other side of the Philippines that most people would never have access to.


That's what we signed up for, and we are the best at it.



Philippine Island Tours aims to be the consistent top travel specialist to the Philippines.



Philippine Island Tours' mission is to make it known to foreigners alike that traveling to the Philippines is fun and easy.





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*All jobs are home-based and we accept part timers.


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Meet The Team

Where work and travel go hand in hand.


Charlie is a basketball player, personal trainer and massage therapist rolled in one. He spent half of his life playing basketball starting at a young age of 6. After 10 successful years of playing ball in different levels, he then moved on to exploring the world in search of his true passion. This is where he got the time to expand his skills by earning certifications in personal training and massage practice. While not doing any of these 3 roles, he is a masterchef wannabe spending most of his time concocting his own meals in the kitchen or polishing his language skills. He is allergic to social media but you can reach him anytime if you wanna play ball, get some personal training advice or if you wanna have a worthwhile massage. Otherwise, invite him to a good meal...that should work too.


Kim will surely surprise you with her multi-tasking skills. From being a mother of 2 adorable kids to an HR manager to a business woman. Having Tourism as her major, you can trust her advice about travelling. A family oriented lady who likes spending time with her loved ones. During her spare time she read books and watch movies. Shopping and travelling is also her game. You can ask her which brand is on sale or which travel package to book for the coming season. She can also rock your kitchen with her mouth-watering Filipino dishes. She might look shy and timid but once you know her you will find her to be a very smart and interesting woman.


Malou is a work-at-home mom, an awesome cook, a movie buff and a dedicated staff at TGND. She used to work abroad where her passion for travel and everything about it started. Her dedication to her family is something you will admire from her as well. If she's not working for TGND, she's in her kitchen cooking her specialty dishes, reading her favorite ebooks or watching cooking shows in the Asian channel. Rest assured, your accounts will be in good hands with her.


Dette is the face behind the screenname Maria dela Cruz in our social media accounts. A Dentist…a Mother…and a Traveler at heart! Being a dentist doesn’t stop her from making good desserts. Yes! She loves sweets but be sure to brush and floss your teeth after because she is going to hunt you down. Having a teenage kid who looks exactly like her makes her feel younger. She still enjoys playing video games and watching cartoons. Traveling for her is not about the luxurious hotels or the most expensive resort… It’s about having fun and adventure! She loves to explore, learn new things and meet new friends. While not on social media or cleaning someone's teeth, she spends her free time reading books and searching the internet for cool stuff that she can use in her everyday life.


Mel is your go-to gal for all your traveling needs to the Philippines. With her calm personality and ready to help attitude, she is a natural in assisting anyone with their traveling needs to the Philippines. When she is not busy attending to your needs, she is a bookworm and opts to spend her time reading or just browsing through every book in the shelf. Despite her busy schedule, she always finds time to be with her family. Her bucket list includes traveling to the most secluded beaches in the Philippines and trying all sorts of native food.


How much do you love your hometown? Are you up to the challenge to showcase the beauty of your place? Then join us and be one of our awesome TGND Local Guides team. Send in your travel programs and we will do the marketing for you.